Even if no one needs you this spring, the band “Balozu Pilni Pagalmi” (Yard Full of Pigeons) come out with good news – its eighth album „Esi sveiks” (Howdy). The band with certainty maintains the image of romantic and lyrical characters, although the overall feeling of the album is bright. It is also possible to dance to this music, which has not been characteristic for the band so far. The work on recording and publishing is traditional - they not only compose and arrange all songs themselves, but also take part in the process of recording and mastering, create disc design, organise publishing, advertising and distribution. The “pigeons” have 15 new songs, two of which have been played on radio stations - „Melnbaltâ” (“Black-And-White”) and „Huana brînums” (“The Miracle Of Huan”). The first of them can already be set down as “the modern classics”, and supposedly a few more songs of this album will gain the same status, as it has happened with every album the “pigeons” have released before. Get ready for you favourite spring and summer album!

Balozu Pilni Pagalmi definitely is one of the most melodic bands in Latvia at the moment. All their songs are more or less romantic and melodic love songs. The band was formed in the spring of 1994, after a long period of silence, by Maris Sverns (he is also the one who has stood near the cradle of Latvia's legendary underground band Inokentijs Marpls (1987, Riga), because he has been a playmate to the "Inokentijs Marpls" leader Dambis and they both have started to play in the pre-"Inokentijs Marpls" band (1984-86) and players of a new generation, who previously have played in such underground bands as "Tuksa Muca", "Shine On", "IBM&I", e.t.c.. Maris Sverns plays guitar and sing. The bass was played Jourelys and the drummer was Uldis Gedra. The band was a very active participant in all concerts of the time, and soon released their first album – “Cik Divaini (How Curiously)”. In 1995 Juris Alksnis joins the band. Very soon “Balozu Pilni Pagalmi” becomes the most popular band from “Tornis (Tower)” label besides “Kartaga”. “Balozu Pilni Pagalmi” play very melodic rock, practically only on the theme of love. The songs are extremely romantic and touching. Maybe that’s the reason they’re so good and enjoyable.
Now “Balozu Pilni Pagalmi” is one of the most active bands in Latvia with an impressive discography. They have released eight albums:
- “How Curiously” (1994),
- “Watch!” (1995),
- “Be With Me” (1996),
- “Letters” (1998),
- “Zabete Feeds Pigeons” (1999),
- “New Impressions” (2001),
- “Talk With Me” (2004),
- „Howdy” (2007)
All albums except Talk With Me have been released on Tornis Rec. Talk With Me was released Ingus Bauskenieks Rec.
Current line-up is – Maris Sverns (guitar, vocals), Girts Pavenis (guitar), Oskars Burovs (bass, vocals), Janis Cirulis (keyboards) and Uldis Gedra (drums).
The band is most closely connected to Riga, Agenskalns and Tornis.